Spring & Summer

Looking through these photos, I’m realizing how fun & blessed these past two seasons have been! This extroverted introvert is so happy looking back at all of the friends we’ve gotten to see and build relationships with this past 6 months. Our spring began with spring break, of course! See more of the holy smokes here … Continue reading Spring & Summer

Happy Earth Day

Happy Earth Day, everyone! I wrote about Earth Day last year, along with all of my attempts to be more conscious of what I’m buying and throwing away. I was going to write an update on that, but (unfortunately? fortunately?) my habits look almost identical. So if you missed it last year, you can check it … Continue reading Happy Earth Day

Fall & Winter

Hello again! Greetings from (kind of) springy Ohio! 🌼 We made it, y’all. Remember 6 months ago (😳) when I wrote about my hopes and dreams for fall & winter—namely that I wouldn’t complain and would allow myself to enjoy the seasons?! I can’t believe I’m saying this, but I did it. I don’t think I’ve … Continue reading Fall & Winter