Today is illustrated | 6·5·2016

3 thoughts on “Today is illustrated | 6·5·2016”

  1. Have you ever considered getting a Thundershirt for her? We put it on our needy cat, Sherlock, because he had the tendency to wake us up at 3 or 4am with incessant pawing at the door and meowing. Now when he gets his vest on, he calms down and becomes so chill. Basically, it’s been a lifesaver! Sherlock can roam around the house but he doesn’t go crazy when it is on! We tried just about everything to stop him from his habits but this seems to be the only thing that keeps him calm and us sane! Best of luck!


  2. Do you have a cat bed? You could shut your bedroom door…but every night before bed, put the cat bed outside your door. Maybe she’ll get the message that you want her nearby, but not right on top of you. 😊


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